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Your new business just arrived ;-)


Hey, everyone!!

After more weeks than I care to think about, the new "Perpetual" Digital Planners are available!!

These planners may look simple ("Big deal, another undated planner?") but rest assured that they are not - and with a bit of planning, these planners and the companion products that I will be releasing in the coming weeks, can become the foundation for a whole new business line for you!

What makes the new "Perpetual" Digital Planners unique is the fact that while the month is undated - every 'date square' is still hyperlinked to the corresponding page in the planner itself - this means that the user can start this planner in March or July or any month they want in 2022, and use it through 2023.....and beyond.

And you now have a fully hyperlinked
Digital Planner that
can be sold YEAR ROUND!!

All they need to do is manually enter the day's date in the calendar for that month,
and then click on the date to be taken to the daily spread.

No more 'swiping' through page after page to get to your daily planner!

So how do you build a business around this new concept?

Simple! This more closely replicates the offline behavior of the typical planner user - most of us that used paper planners would buy a nice binder, that we would keep year after year, along with accessories such as stickers, tabs, and organizational tools and inserts - everything from a ruler to receipt pouches.

We replaced the planner page inserts every year - but we kept our customized binder and all of those extra goodies year after year.

The "Perpetual" Digital Planner is built on this same concept, giving your Customer the ability to build out a planner that has exactly what they need, adding to it as their needs change, or new templates and options are released, just updating the core pages as needed, while keeping everything else intact.

Today, I am releasing two new designs and each "Perpetual" Digital Planners comes with 12 Full page templates out of the box, so you can create new planners easily, or sell the additional templates as 'add-ons' to the planner ;-)

And in the coming weeks, we will be releasing new templates and widgets, dividers, covers and so much more. I will also be adding landscape and 2 page spreads designs as well ;-)


Pick up the new planners during the Launch Week at the special
launch discounted pricing and come join us for a LIVE Workshop on
how to sell and work with these new planners!


"Perpetual" Digital Planners

Have a wonderful day and the regular newsletter will be out later this afternoon - after Ruthie's "Stock Your Shop" Workshop

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