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Yep, that's a measly $27 for 52 products!! That's less than $2 per product!!

April LeMarr's Content Creation Bundle

This is way more than just another bundle of PLR - there are 52 products included here, among the list are 15 PLR Products and 13 high value TRAINING PROGRAMS. These are all by names you already know and trust! There are also several different Planner and Journal bundles in here (including a big one from me!) so this is a great chance to increase your Zero Content Book Empire with one small purchase!

You get access to everything listed above for $27 - a one-time payment for more than $1700 worth of products (Don't you just feel like the kid in the proverbial candy store with these bundles??)

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Of course, we have to have a bonus right?? When you pick up the bundle just send me your receipt and we will send you a coupon for $25 for anything at PLRofTheMonth.Club - good for 90 days ;-) Just send your receipt to [email protected], with "BONUS" in the subject line.

Here's everything in the Bundle - and it is the biggest one we've seen so far!!
  1. Susanne and I have included our How to Develop a Wealth Mindset PLR Bundle valued at $87
  2. Norma Allen Esler at HomeFreeMedia is offering 51 HFM Shop Credits valued at $51
  3. Courtney Chowning at BrandableTech is offering WordPress Plugin Review PLR Bundle valued at $17
  4. Paris Law at Paris Law Content & Design is offering the Fitness Motivation Content Bundle + Content Guides valued at $17
  5. Amy Harrop and Deb Drum at Amy and Deb Creations are offering Viral Motivation Minis valued at $27
  6. Lynn Neville at Lynn Neville Content & Marketing is offering Managing Stress DFY Content Pack valued at $45
  7. Helen Lindop is offering Planning and creating content for small business' PLR video course valued at $27
  8. Jenn Brockman at Planning Addicts is offering The Strength Within Workbook valued at $19.99
  9. Wendy LugoSantiago at Digital Marketing LS|EG is offering Graphic Creation Like The Pros valued at $27
  10. Peggy Gabrielson at Georgia Mountain Arts PLR is offering Coloring Charts Reference Guides valued at $27
  11. Rayven Monique at Color Monthly PLR is offering $50 Color Monthly PLR Gift Code valued at $50
  12. Josie Gonzalez at A Frazzled Life is offering Getting Organized Planner (personal use) valued at $19.99
  13. Cristy Murray at Cristy Murray is offering The Healthy Entrepreneur Planner (personal use) valued at $27
  14. Connie Ragen Green is offering the Really Simple Content Marketing Course (personal use) valued at $149
  15. Jimmy D Brown at Earncome.com is offering 101 Tips, Secrets, Ideas, Methods, Hacks, Templates, Shortcuts, Resources and Lists For Content Marketing Mastery (Personal Use ONLY) Report valued at $37
  16. Lynn Webb at Planner Creators PLR is offering Unicorn Spring Template and Graphics Pack valued at $45
  17. Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff is offering Social Media Images for Facebook and Instagram valued at $37.00
  18. Michelle Farmer at PLR Niche Shop is offering DFY Monthly Garden Planner PLR valued at $22
  19. Donna Szczur at Color My Journals PLR is offering DFY Floral Llamas Weekly Planner valued at $17
  20. Ron Pumfleet atSnazzy Promotions is offering DFY NoteBook Powerpoint Templates valued at $27
  21. Stacey Myers at Stacey Myers is offering Using Visual Content for Maximum Blog Exposure Workshop valued at $27
  22. Randy Mann at Get A Focused Life is offering A Focused Life Goal Setting System - PLR valued at $97
  23. Sue Fleckenstein at Createful Journals is offering DFY Spring Cleaning Planner Templates valued at $17
  24. Brigitte Nadeau at Healthy Yummy Media is offering 50 Inspirational Video Quotes valued at $27
  25. Melody Wigdahl at PLR of The Month Club is offering The Planner & Workbook Super Bundle - With FULL PLR!! valued at $60
  26. Domoina Ratsizafy at Mentor To Mothers is offering Set of Goals Planner Templates valued at $20
  27. Gill Fernley at PLR Pub Club is offering Boost Your Bottom Line: Content Review for Low Content Book Creators valued at $17
  28. Chantel Blog at Biz School is offering Fast and Fearless Information Products valued at $37
  29. Ruth Bowers at Ritchie Media is offering DFY Tribal-Inspired Patterns and Templates at $37
  30. Mitzy Thompson at MitzyThompson.com is offering How to Use PLR to Get the Click (Video Training - Personal Use Rights Only) valued at $27
  31. Kelly, Sam & Avery at White Label Perks is offering a Coupon Code for PLR valued at $30
  32. Cheryl A Major at Thin Strong Healthy is offering Powerful Quotes for Comfort & Inspiration valued at $17
  33. Julie Coffman at Publish Low Content Books is offering Mix-n-Match Dot Grid Templates valued at $27
  34. Gabby Conde at A Cup of Zen is offering Heart & Soul Creative Ebook Template Valued at $29
  35. Lori Winslow at The Organized Solopreneur is offering Content: The Lifeblood of Your Business valued at $35
  36. Rachel Youngson at Whole Food PLR is offering 4 Whole Food PLR Bundles valued at $81.85
  37. Greg Gurniak at Time to Heal is offering Perspective Development - How To Get Out of a Fixed Mindset and Get Into a Growth Mindset valued at $19
  38. Justin Popovic at Tools For Motivation is offering The Idea Formula PLR Bundle valued at $97
  39. Shannah Holt at Shannah Holt- Mastering Mom Chaos is offering Done for You Social Media Graphics Club valued at $29.85
  40. Jennifer Andersen at Health & Wellness PLR is offering a Huge Health and Wellness PLR Bundle valued at $150
  41. Ana Tarouca at The Dog who ate the Book Blog is offering Power to the Girls Journal valued at $18
  42. Jan Royston at Awesome PLR is offering Relationship PLR Bundle valued at $23.00
  43. Melissa Brown at Coach Ready Content is offering DFY Package: 45 Original Stock Photos + 30 DFY Social Share Images valued at $27
  44. Teresa Miller at Freestyle Publishing LLC is offering Freestyle Content: The Multiplier Matrix System valued at $37
  45. Stephanie Bledsoe at Blog + Create is offering Pinterest Marketing in 6 Days + Get Found on Pinterest SEO Action Plan valued at $27
  46. Maria Silvo at Fresh PLR Possibilities is offering DFY Tweaker Alphabets Drawings valued at $17
  47. Dee Power at Profit Dynamics Inc. is offering The Essential Guide for Writers 28 Day Action Plan valued at $17
  48. Tishia Lee and Kelly McCausey at Daily Faith PLR is offering a Devotional with PLR rights valued at $14.95
  49. Trish Lindemood at Kitchen Bloggers is offering a PLR bundlevalued at $29
  50. Lynette Chandler at (Thrive Anywhere) is offering a 3 Year Memory Journal valued at $37
  51. April Lemarr at Niche Starter Packs is offering a LIVE 60-Minute Workshop on Using PLR, plus 3 Gift Cards Valued at $97
WHEW!! That's a bunch o'stuff!

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