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Price Increase Tonight!

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Split Test Monkey

One-Time Pricing is about to end - this will be a monthly service!!
Just a quick reminder that the launch price ends tonight - so if you were thinking about this one - it will be going to a monthly subscription shortly!

With Split Test Monkey you can split test up to 6 URLs (pages) against each other to determine which pages produce the best conversions, this is referred to as 'Split URL' testing. You can also split test specific elements within a single page such as an order button or an image, you can test up to 6 elements, this is referred to as a 'Dynamic Snippet' test.

You create one master sales page - then duplicate that page and change out a few elements - make the shout out text bolder or a different color, add another buy button etc - and then let Split Test Monkey do its magic by rotating the various pages to your visitors, to see which one gives you the best results!

Let's do a live walkthrough of the setup with my own sales pages! Just send your receipt to [email protected]

Split Test Monkey

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