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Yes, it's Monday...

That really should not matter, but even after all of these years of working from home - since 1992! - I still have this mindset that Monday is a workday....which makes it different from every other day...HOW??? LOL makes no sense at all but it is what it is!

If you are celebrating a holiday today - Happy Whatever-Your-Local-Holiday-Is today!

And since I probably bored you to death with a massively long email yesterday - I shall be kind and keep this one blissfully short ;-)

But more WILL be coming on the topic of evergreen, recurring and multiple revenue streams, I promise ;-)

Upcoming Events!!

Yes! It's that time of the month!
Tuesday, February 22
3:00 pm EST - 4:30 pm EST

Find your ZOOM details on your PLUS group page - this one is one you don't want to miss as we talk about the concept behind the new planner and the ones to follow in the new "Perpetual" series! With a bit of creative thinking - this can be a whole new product line for you!!

New Today!!

Affiliate Training PLR

This is a new PLR creator in our midst, Tony Simms, but he has been around the IM space for quite some time - but behind the scenes creating products for some very well-known folks. This is a hefty bundle with a very tiny intro price - I doubt that future bundles will be this cheap!

This release includes:
• 7 Done For You Videos
Ready to upload to your blog, YouTube channel or Facebook now!

• Customization Files - Making it super easy for you to brand everything with your own voice and logo

• Sales Page Copy, Graphics

• 5 Done For You Emails

• Done For You Lead magnet - fully customizable lead magnet with squeeze page template & files

• Ready To Go Social Media Images & Video

Full details:

Affiliate Training PLR

Beginners Crypto Security List Builder
w/Giveaway Rights

Another great report from Barb Ling on a very hot topic - keeping your crypto secure and safe!! Whether for your own personal use or as a great list builder - this is a steal at $11 right now!

A few of the topics covered:

*Why* Crypto Security Is So Important - You don't want to wake up one morning and see your balance is 0!

*What* Are the Popular Online Scams - Think discovering the Crypto De-Scamming Knowledge that resonates the BEST for you (everyone learns different!)

*Who* Needs This Knowledge - (Hint - everyone! And because the blueprint comes with giveaway rights, you can share it with your tribe and build your list with it (and even monetize THAT as well)

Beginners Crypto Security List Builder
w/Giveaway Rights

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 12.24.22 PM
Note: This is a fantastic companion workshop to our PLUS Workshop tomorrow!! I just spoke with her and she is also going to be including a section on journal prompts, tips sheets and other types of PLR to create your own unique stuff too

Ruthie Bowers is holding one of her rare Workshops! In case you don't know Ruthie, (like maybe you just got back from Mars or something?), Ruthie is the Queen of Content Repurposing and does not do Workshops very often, so this is a very special event.

This one is called "Stock Your Shop" and she is going to be working with coloring pages,
wall art, cards, and more!!

No formal sales page - just a sign up form - but that's all that most of us Ruthie-addicts need LOL. There WILL be a sales page after the 24th - but there will also be a steep price increase too....

Date: Thursday, February 24 at 2 p.m. Eastern
Price: $27 until 1 p.m. on Feb. 24 and then will go up to $67 after the Workshop

Stock Your Shop With Ruthie

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 5.08.54 PM

Affiliate Rebill Riches

One of the toughest parts of getting started as an affiliate is GETTING APPROVED!! Affiliate Rebill Riches 5.0 focuses entirely on CLICKBANK products - so you will have no issues being approved - but finding products to promote can be a nightmare, to put it mildly!

Affiliate Rebill Riches 5.0 brings you 17 separate lists containing over 250 RECURRING COMMISSIONS affiliate programs In 17 Different Niche Categories!

These products are researched MANUALLY and are 100% UP-TO-DATE and unlike some affiliate networks, you’re guaranteed to get paid – ClickBank is one of the most visited and trusted sites on the net, and has never missed a payment since they started in 1998.

Whether you want to add evergreen products to your marketing plan, or maybe just want to offer something different than what everyone else is promoting - this list is a GOLDMINE!!

Affiliate Rebill Riches 5.0

Today is the last day....


Final Call!

If you were one of the folks that were canceled last October by PayPal - this is it! It's been 4 months and more emails than I count, so if you want to be reinstated at your original price, this is the last day! AFTER TODAY - you will have to re-join at the current rate of $47 - no exceptions, sorry! I gave everyone a free month, too, all of you have the November products added to your account, but after today - everyone will join at the current price ;-)

The February release for the Kitchen Sink PLUS membership is getting great feedback - and is going to be oodles of fun to work with! This is my first in this "perpetual" category, and my mind is spinning with the possibilities ;-)

Trust me when I say that you will not want to miss the PLUS workshop next week if you can help it as I will go over how the planner works and how to sell the planner as well!! These are hot sellers but you can still sell a LOT more to the customer if you understand this market ;-)

Kitchen Sink PLUS

Hope to see you tomorrow at the PLUS Workshop!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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