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Happy Valentine's day, Happy Vampire Day, and Happy whatever else today maybe.

Except, of course, ain't nobody all that happy here in the Jungle (that's Bengals slang for you non-football peeps).

The Monday morning quarterbacking is alive and well this am all over Cincy...but I don't care. Yes, it's a bummer that the game was lost in the final minutes, but no one thought we would be there in the first place and it was so much closer than anyone ever thought it would be, so it's all good. The Bengals had more fans in the stands than LA did - on their home turf! - and the city gave the kids the day off from school just so everyone could stay up and watch the game, so this city deserved the win!

BUT - it's a young team with an incredible spirit and I have every confidence that this was just the first of many Super Bowls. These are winners in every sense of the word and an inspiration in so many ways!

Just a reminder - if you were on the fence about RoyalStock - the price increases tonight to $67, so that is a hefty jump - details below!

The Kitchen Sink PLUS products start dropping this week - probably the 16th since I lost 2 workdays last week - but this is a game-changing new Digital Planner release this month - I've spent weeks working on the concept - a 'perpetual' undated Digital Planner that can be started any time of the year, and used year after year. The user adds the daily date to the calendar but still has a simple look from the month calendar to the daily spread.

Trust me when I say that you will not want to miss the PLUS workshop next week if you can help it!!

Clients vs Customers: Are You Focusing On The Right One??
The Client vs Customer concept is something that I see misused all of the time in internet marketing. It would not matter except not only is the marketing approach very different to these different audiences - so is the long-term approach to customer service and support.

A customer is traditionally someone that you sell a product or service to that is (more or less) a 'mass-produced' product. There is usually very little customization that will be done, and although you may add them to your follow-up sequence, this relationship could also very easily be a 'one and done' situation. Buyers of a typical PLR product would be a customer, and hopefully, go on to be a repeat customer.

On the other hand, if you sell services or custom products of any kind, where you will have a more ongoing, one-to-one relationship with your customers - you have clients.
Coaches, web/graphic designers, and consultants are among the business types that would tend to have clients rather than customers.

Now I can hear you asking WHY this distinction is important? Why should you care if you call people who buy your products clients or customers?

Simple....when we are looking at how to grow our business, we need to know the numbers that we need to scale to the next level.

If a single CLIENT brings your business $2500 per month, and you want to hit $100k+ this year, you only need 4 clients per month. ($10k per mo x 12 mo = $120k

If a CUSTOMER brings in $25 per month to your business - you need to bring in 400 customer sales per month to hit that same goal.

CLIENTS generally take longer to make the buy decision, because there is usually more of a commitment in terms of time and monetary investment, and more of your personal time, so the sales approach is much more personal and time-intensive.

CUSTOMERS, on the other hand, will often buy on the first approach if they like the look of what you have to offer. There is usually a much shorter timeframe between initial contact and the first purchase.

And this is where the difference between Client and Customer begins to become clear: When you want to scale to the NEXT level, which is easier to acquire and maintain - clients or customers?

For most of us - handling more Customers is as simple as upgrading our technology, but unless you add more staff - there is probably a limit to the number of Clients you can realistically work with.

In the PLR biz - most of us have Customers and with a bit of tech upgrading, there is no real limit to the number of Customers that we can handle. Coaches on the other hand are limited by their time available, and often must add other revenue streams such as courses, workbooks, and planners to expand their revenue base.

Most of us in the PLR niche have Customers with Clients, though, and we are in the perfect position to help them grow their business beyond their normal limitations!

So, the next time you see a course or an email subject line about 'adding more clients' - analyze it carefully and make sure it really is the right path for you!! Don't waste time following the path to acquiring Clients when what you really want and need is customers - and vice versa.

Clarity on your business model is critical!

Royal Stock

Price Increase to $67 Tonight!

Royal Stock gives you access to a monster library with millions of stock collections WITHOUT paying a monthly fee and you get unrestricted access to Videos, Images, Stickers and so much more

PLUS - this includes a STORE BUILDING platform, giving YOU the ability for you to set up your customized niche collections for your customers - specific to your niche! You also get full access to all of the images in the collection.


Your Pick of any TWO planners from Toolkit #13
This undated Digital Planner features 8 different designs, plus
each comes with the Black & White version
- AND the calendars have been updated for 2022!
Your coupon will be in the bonus area of your JVZoo account

Buy Royal Stack AND Market Studio and get the entire Bundle -
A $147 value!

Another price Increase Monday
Royal Stock

Use These To Make Gorgeous & Quick
Sales Videos!!!

Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 3.55.44 PM


Ok - I LOVE these!! I have been looking for some really cool-looking video templates and these are the first I have seen that I did not feel I would wind up doing over from beginning to end!! PowerPoint-based, these are probably the best designs I have seen in ages, and I am really excited about this bundle!

here is what you get for less than $22 as of this newsletter:
  • 20 Video Sales Letter Templates in 9 styles
  • 10 Logo intro PowerPoint Templates
  • 10 Call to Actions PowerPoint templates
  • 10 YouTube end video PowerPoint Templates
  • 20 Mockup Promotions Design in PSD
  • 20 Google Animated ads banner in 5 Ratio
  • Marketing Sales Copy And Music
  • Commercial License
Check it out here:


Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 12.41.55 PM
New from Ruthie, this gorgeous new bullet-style printable planner is based on her own hand-drawn layout that she's used for years. Get it today with coupon code PDSPLAN for a deep discount!

This easily editable planner includes:
  • 2 Year-at-a-Glance Calendars for 2022 and 2023
  • 2-page weekly spread from April 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023
  • Cover Page
  • Belongs to Page
  • 2022 and 2023 Year at a Glance Calendars
  • Sizes A4 and US Letter
  • PPTx and PDF Formats
  • Commercial Rights Included (Reg. License)

    Full Details:
    Purple Diamond Striped Bullet Journal Planner

Market Studio

This one just launched today and is a really interesting concept and something that will be of interest to many, including myself! This new software lets you run a Fiverr or Envanto style marketplace that you can open up to other content/product creators to sell their own products and services as well as your own.

Having spent the last several months looking at directory and marketplace software - I can honestly say that there is nothing out there even close to this price range with these kinds of features.

On the con side - I have not tested this out yet, but the team behind it has a good track record so far. I DO prefer to host my own software, but in this particular niche, it is almost impossible to find this type of platform at a reasonable price that you can host yourself.

On the pro side: The price is excellent for the features included, and I think it could be a great way to drive traffic and generate a nice little additional revenue stream as well.

BONUS: Your Pick of any TWO planners from Toolkit #13
This undated Digital Planner features 8 different designs, plus
each comes with the Black & White version
- AND the calendars have been updated for 2022!
Your coupon will be in the bonus area of your JVZoo account

Buy Royal Stack (below) AND Market Studio
and get the entire Bundle -

A $147 value!

Market Studio

Happy Valentine's Day,

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