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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    In spite of the events of the last 2 years, I am very hopeful going into 2022. I've made some wonderful friends and watched our businesses grow while we barely left our homes. The foundation that we all built will serve us well in the coming months as we dive into new ways to grow and expand.

    As always, there is so much we need to learn every day, every week, every month. Things change so fast online, and it is tough - and often expensive - to get the training that we need to grow and to stay current in the rapidly changing environment that we work in.

    The Grow. Profit. Scale Giveaway is a collection of 30+ USEFUL gifts valued at over $6,000 that you can access for 12 days, and most of these are courses that are actually USEFUL ;-)

    I decided to accept the invitation to participate in this event because it is NOT in the PLR space but rather focuses more on training to get your business to the next level. (In fact, I think I am the only PLR person in the event - but I do have a brand new Digital Affiliate Promotion Planner for you, with full commercial use rights!).

    These are some of my top picks:
    • Power of Pinterest: Attraction Marketing in 3 Steps (Laura Rike)
    • Sales on Social Workshop: How to Use Social to Generate More Business
      (Jonathan and Sascha Schlossberg)
    • Profitable Events: The Complete Guide (Linda Cain)
    • Expand Your Reach, Your List, and Your Profits Content Marketing Toolkit
      (Bonnie Chomica)
    • 10 Day Social Media Lab (Brooke Elder)
    • Magnetic Content Creation System Video Series (Ginna Tassanelli)
    Aside from the training - events like this are a great opportunity to network with people OUTSIDE of the PLR/Low Content niche and expand your audience reach.

    By signing up for gifts and newsletters from OTHER VERTICALS - you will get invitations to other events where your products will have a chance to reach new customers - and often these new verticals are NOT familiar with the concept of PLR, so much less competition.

    Grow. Profit. Scale Giveaway

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