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And now it's Friday.....

In case you have not noticed, most of you have not seen me in your inbox since Tuesday.....

I had just finished my newsletter and was working on the new PLUS planner (a really cool one coming up!!!), thinking that the biggest issue of the day was that I needed to put some warmer socks on because my toes were cold.....

And then I noticed that my newsletter had stopped sending.....

And there was a great big notice at the top of the page that my account had been suspended for 'that-canned-meat' complaints...

My service provider suspended first and researched later - the account has been restored because, TBH, it was a pretty blatant false accusation. All of the complaints came over a 5 day period, from 3 newsletters, and all of the 'subscribers' had come through the newsletter optin form on the home page. I have temporarily removed that form....

There was also a spike in unsubs for those 3 newsletters, going from the usual 00.01% to 00.09%. Only 1 of the unsubs had ever bought or downloaded anything, so again they were on the list through the newsletter form.

My service provider was willing to re-activate my account through a process that would have taken 30 days and pretty much put me out of business.

I fought back because I KNOW my stats, and this was clearly a suspicious situation.

I was NOT willing to roll over and see my business destroyed, and you don't have to either.

The account has been re-instated but I have everything moved over to Mailvio, and I have to tell you, I am super impressed with what I am seeing so far, and kinda kicking myself for not making the move sooner.

Sometimes, it takes a crises to get my tush in gear LOL

I had not moved before because it is not yet integrated with aMember, and it was not quite crises mode yet and yada, yada, yada (insert whatever excuse you want here) but I will move forward with that process next week. I have not yet set up my automations in Mailvio, but it is SLICK and I am looking forward to this. I also have the upgraded account which includes email templates for all kinds of niches - including reaching out to a dead list - YEA!!!

But the bottom line is that I had a back-up already picked out and in place, making the situation much less panic mode than it would have been otherwise.

And a big shout out to Neil for being kind enough to answer my pre-move questions personally.

I am truly beginning to love that whole team - be sure to check out their newest launch below - Royal Stock

The Zombie List Building Exercise

I finally have the replays uploaded from our Bonus Email Marketing Workshop for Jim Daniels 2022 Affiliate Marketers Master Swipe! I will have the rest of the material uploaded this weekend, including the email sequence to RE-ANIMATE our 'DEAD' lists!

If you did not purchase Jim's course the first time around, and want to join in - grab it here and join the fun!!

Zooming around.....
I hope to have the schedule re-done tomorrow, to fit in the workshops that I had to cancel last week - please check the calendar for the new dates later this afternoon!

New today...

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 10.30.03 AM
In all but one event that we have run over the past 2 years - Yadsia has been the #1 referrer, and the one that she was not #1? She was still in the top 5 against some very 'heavy hitters'.

Bottom line? This woman knows her stuff and I have been anxiously waiting for this course to come out, as FB did some serious changes to their algorithms a few months ago, and Yadsia was all over it ;-)

This course covers everything from how to set up your campaigns to when to turn them off, and even includes some of her best-performing templates.

And the best part? She teaches how you can start with $5 a day and see results ;-)

New From Neil Napier's Team

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 9.26.22 AM
Looking For A New Evergreen Revenue Stream?

Royal Stock is a monster collection of graphics, videos, gifs, stickers and more with a STORE BUILDING platform, giving YOU the ability for you to set up your customized niche collections for your customers - specific to your niche!

So many of us only think of places like Creativefabrica for images but the truth is that places like iStock sell a single graphic for $15 to $40, and videos for far more. And not everyone wants to sort through thousands of images to find the perfect one, so collections are a great way to make the search for the perfect image so much easier - plus this actually sets up the entire shop for you. An easy peasy way to make some extra $$ every month.

You could set up a collection for food bloggers, mompreneurs, travel bloggers - whatever you can think of - this collection of 10,000,000 graphic assets is bound to have what you need.

And yes, this is going to be one of my evergreen rev streams. ;-)

Royal Stock Early Bird

More Quirky Pages from Jan!

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 10.48.50 AM
I love the colors Jan uses for these! A fun and flexible set of templates that can be used for LOTS of new projects!
  • 15 divider pages (notes, things to do, bucket lists, special dates, projects, weekly plans, recipes, budget, habits, meal plans, keeping fit, journal, school, home, and shopping)
  • 16 page templates with quirky headers (see above) Plus 24 digital papers
  • US Letter and A4 to cover international home printing requirements
  • Powerpoint (.pptx) source files PLUS CANVA Templates

Amy Harrop's
Positivity Printables Made Easy

This is a great, in-depth course, and I love the fact that it combines both videos and PDFs!!

  • An in-depth 78-page guide that reveals all the secrets you need to know to cash in on the in-demand positivity printables market! ($109 VALUE)
  • Tons of best-selling products, shops and examples....revealed! See what's selling right now.
  • Discover the easy way to quickly publish the four best-selling positivity!
  • Master getting even more traffic to your printables and apply this knowledge to your own shop!
  • 12 done-for-you templates and 56 graphics in PPT and Canva format, with full commercial-use rights. Plus tutorial videos so you can easily customize them! ($199 VALUE)
  • BONUSES: The KDP Print Publishing Guide ($37 VALUE) PLUS Journal Page Templates ($47 VALUE)

Positivity Printables Made Easy

My Bonus!
Purchase through my link and receive
20 all-new 8.5"X11"/300dpi designs -
use for covers, backgrounds, papers -
you can even use for POD products!
Full commercial use rights to use as you want!
These will be in your Warrior Plus account by Saturday
so no need to send your receipt!
And working on the next release for the PLUS members - the new planner is going to be something I have never done before - so coding this one from scratch! - a fully hyperlinked UNDATED 'perpetual' digital planner...and yeah, took a bit of planning to wrap my brain around the hyperlinking structure, but this will be something that you can sell year-round and EVERGREEN!! And the tabs will change color to let you know what section you are in will just have to wait until next week to see!

Have a fun day and stay warm...and GO BENGALS!! Yep, things are a little bit crazy around Cincy right now - already prepping for the BIG DAY!!
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