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Hey everyone!

Ah, the weekend! A time for rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and reenergizing!

Unless you are self-employed.

CEO these days stands for Chief EVERYTHING Officer.

That means I am the CEO, CRO, CFO, CMO, COO, CTO and pretty much every other position you can think of. Except for Chief Cook and Dish Washer, as the hubby pretty much handles that side of things most days (thank you!)

Today I was trying to catch up with a pile of stuff that did not get done during the week, So I was in and out of the website, adding some new graphics to sidebars, some new content yada yada. Everything was JUST fine.

I take a break to grab a bite to eat and feed the furbabies, come back and discover that my website was destroyed. I mean seriously. A. MESS. Menus floating freeform down the left side of every page. Images resized and shoved to the bottom of the page.

My first thought was that WordPress had updated even though I do not have it set to auto-update but things still happen sometimes. A quick check proved that was not the culprit. And as side note - the latest WordPress update is a MAJOR one - so wait a couple of weeks before you update and let everyone else work out the bugs first. It is NOT a security update so you are okay to wait ;-)

Over the next few minutes, I tested everything, starting with the theme and working through all of the plugins, until I found the culprit - an optimizing plugin that had updated even though it was not set to auto-update.

And the story does not end the time I was done, I had edited the wp-config and .htaccess files and replaced a folder in the wp-content folder on the server....

If it sounds like I went through all of this calm, cool and collected - I DID NOT!! I was freaked out, panic-stricken, and totally in WTF mode, which honestly does not happen to me too often - but this is my livelihood, and I do not have time to rebuild the site right now.

But the truth is that things like this are part of being self-employed, especially if you are a homeprenuer, because we rarely have the same kind of support system or IT team behind us that many of us had in the corporate world.

If it seems like we wear a lot of hats and need a lot of skillsets, it is because we do! This morning's adventure could have been a lot more impactful if I did not have the basic skills to test and fix. And even if you don't want to manage your website - being able to quickly fix and patch problems like this can be a lifesaver ;-)

So often it seems like it is indeed a "Crises Du Jour" but in reality - it's just another day in the life of a Homepreneur ;-)

The moral of this story is don't let your 'Crises Du Jour' scare you. Having a website issue does not mean you are not smart enough or tech savvy enough to do this - it means you have a website issue and nothing more!! It happens to all of us, without exception!

And how did I know what I needed to add to fix my wp-config and .htaccess files? Skills? Training? Experience?

Nope. GOOGLE :-)


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Nope, I have not had time to test this one yet, but it is $20 with the coupon and I figured it was worth the risk. I have received a few emails from people using the software and it seems to be working as promised.

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Scroll Stoppers

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Sue's Vintage Planner Bundle
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This is a rare opportunity to buy the highest quality of health-related content - and these are topics that can really generate some major organic search results, too!

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  • Postmenopausal Bleeding and its Causes
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Women's Health

That's it for tonight! Have a fantastic evening!
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