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Who's the star in your business?
You or Your Product?

Happy Thursday!

It is soooo cold here today, but for some crazy reason, we decided to go out to breakfast today, and my toes are still frozen! But it was delicious and nice to get out for a bit, although it still scares the heck out of me, after our recent COVID scares...

Yesterday, I mentioned that I wanted to talk a bit today about branding - it's such an important topic, but I don't see a lot written about it, at least not that reaches the niche of content creators.

The typical blogger or product/content creator usually decides on a logo and website style as one of the first things they do when they start their new online business. More and more, we see the owner front and center of the website, and it doesn't matter whether the website is about coaching or planners - the site owner is often the first thing that catches your eye when you land on the home page.

But the truth is, your home page layout, logo, and color scheme are NOT the most important things to consider when you decide on your branding - and 99% of new businesses will miss this very important first step....

Before you pick your colors or slap that hero image of your smiling face on your website - you need to decide what your EXIT STRATEGY is going to be!

Yes, that may seem odd to be thinking of leaving when you just started that new site - but if you don't know how you want your business to end - you may be costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars - or even more....and here is why:

If you market yourself, not your product or service, your business will be very difficult to sell, because YOU are the product. If you focus instead on your service or product - which could still be an exclusive trademarked product or service that you created - and you take a backseat to the product - you can sell your business for many times your monthly or annual revenue.

In the low-content space, coaching programs bring in revenue, but if your business is built mainly around you as a coach - you are going to be limited in prospects if you want to sell your business.

On the other hand, a huge portfolio of generic printables or planners provides a tangible base of business and ongoing revenue that a new buyer can easily manage and continue, and makes your site much more attractive to potential buyers.

So, before you head to the studio for those glam shots - stop and think about where you want this business to be in 5 years? 10 years? If you see a potential sale in your future, make sure that your branding efforts are focused on the brand that future buyer will want to buy!

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The Newsletter Advantage

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 6.45.58 PM
I have not gone through this one yet but I thought the topic was different and would make good 'blog food' if you are working with startups, new bloggers etc - it's about a topic near and dear to my heart - NEWSLETTERS!!

The bundle includes:
• 11,000 word editable Ebook
• Lead Magnet Report to give away
• 7 Articles
• 14 Day Challenge
• 5 Day Autoresponder Follow-up Sequence

The Newsletter Advantage

Scroll Stoppers

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 7.05.20 PM
We've all seen these before but this is the largest collection I have seen at this price point! For $37 you get 60 different dancing images - from giraffes to people! - which seems like a steal. Some of these are just too cute for words, and the templates let you change pretty much anything you want. Each one includes templates for each major social media platform too.

Scroll Stoppers

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 7.09.17 PM

Couples Journal and Couples Questions

Just in time for Valentine's Day comes Jan's ( unique new planner and journal set for couples! The Journal is designed to help the couple document their relationship and their memories, while the workbook lets them get to know each other better and open dialogue between them. SO many things you can do with this concept!!

Couples Journal and Couples Questions

Sue's Vintage Planner Bundle

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 12.44.12 PM
This gorgeous new Vintage bundle from Sue started as one of our humble little digital planners and look at it now!! WOW!! A fantastic example of thinking outside the box and using the core framework to lighten your workload and shorten the time to market!

This bundle includes:
  • Editable PowerPoint file - 8.5 x 11 inch size page
  • 408 Pages - Full Monthly Planner - fully hyperlinked
  • 30 Pages - Printable Planner - Letter Size
  • Full Color
  • Over 250 Stickers
  • Commercial Use License

Sue's Vintage Planner Bundle

from now through Saturday
use coupon code: VINTAGE
at checkout for $10 off
Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 3.50.09 PM

(PLR) Premium Medical Content By Doctor Loy:
Women's Health

This is a rare opportunity to buy the highest quality of health-related content - and these are topics that can really generate some major organic search results, too!

Here's what you are getting:
  • Common Menopausal Issues And How to Manage Them
  • Breast Cancer in Women: Incidence, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Treatment
  • Gynecological Cancer: Incidence, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Treatment
  • A Thorough Guide to STI’s: Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Types of Vaginitis and its Causes, Risk Factors, Prevention, and Treatment
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: Symptoms, Complications, and Treatment
  • Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in Perimenopausal Women
  • Postmenopausal Bleeding and its Causes
  • Infertility in Women: Incidence, Causes and Available Treatments
  • Endometriosis: Incidence, Causes, and Treatments

Women's Health

That's it for tonight! Have a fantastic evening!
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