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Um...it's Thursday???

Seriously, how did that happen?? LOL - I have been totally buried in our latest product and just pretty much lost the week. I had planned on releasing this one today, but someone that I was discussing the project with had a couple of suggestions - which were excellent - and I made the 'executive' decision to add the suggested components, because it really does round out the new planner perfectly. So late today, or early tomorrow - but it is a really good one....more details at the end of this newsletter ;-)

BIG reminder.....our sale ends tonight at MIDNIGHT!

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Personally, I think the New Planner is one of our best yet - it will be launched as "Toolkit #6: The Christian Family's Home Companion". A LOT of research has gone into this one, reviewing what was on the market already, top sellers, etc plus we had several local ministers review it as well, so I think this may be one of our best yet. This covers every aspect of personal and family life, from Daily Devotionals, to Family Bible Study sessions, as well as expense trackers, meal planning, daily to do lists - you name it, we probably have it in here, with a dozen that are truly dedicated to the Christian life.

This is a product with a huge market reach, and one that you can be proud to put your name on. AND....this will also make a great fundraising product for local churches too. You can sell it as either a downloadable product or customized printed planner - there are just so many ways to market this!

The 25% discount will not be applicable to the new planner - but because you are on the newsletter list - you get the early bird pricing anyway, so no worries!

So - keep an eye out for the launch!! You really will not want to miss this one!

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