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NAMS 2022 Marketing Trends Summit

Good morning!!

Just a super quick one to remind everyone that David Perdew's 2022 Marketing Trends Summit starts today!! It's only $1 and the lineup is one that you are going to LEARN from!

Here's the whole agenda and schedule for you!

Jan. 24
1 PM ET “Video Outreach: Using Personalized Video To Get More Clients” with Video Marketing expert Lou Bortone.
Each year, Lou produces a report that digs into the statistics, predictions, and trends that every business owner needs to understand as the online business world shifts so quickly.

This year, you'll discover:
Top 5 Marketing Trends that will impact your business in 2022
Expert predictions on what to expect in 2022
What's important to consumers in a post-pandemic era
Best tools and resources for engaging your customers
New Video Marketing Trends and Opportunities

“The 4 Step System to Build a Simple, but Solid Foundation for Your Business” with Marlon Sanders.
In a conversation with David Perdew, Marlon says, "If you were my best friend, this is exactly how I'd tell you to erase your money worries with no partners, no employees, no fuss and no mess."

And he should know. Marlon has been doing business online as long as there has been an Internet. He's known as one of the most consistent marketing geniuses on the planet with a no-nonsense, down-to-earth, and generous approach to business that works. Marlon believes that Marketing (with a capital "M") is one of the great wonders of our time because it enables people all over the world to create wealth while living the life of their dreams.

In this conversation, Marlon removes all the complexity that stymies most marketers. And he'll bring it back to the basics that works every day, all the time, for many years in the past and guaranteed to work for many years in the future.

Jan. 25
1 PM ET "Save Time and Increase Engagement with Social Media Content" with Jeanne Kolenda.
What's keeping you from creating a massive social media following? The biggest issues are time and content. Jeanne has removed those excuses for hundreds of her local business clients by creating automated systems that require only a few minutes each week in a set-it-and-forget-it system that's guaranteed to drive more social media engagement.

In her presentation, she'll show you exactly why this is so important to every business owner. Social Media posting daily is a MUST these days! It can be overwhelming, so we put it off. No matter what kind of business you have, you need a social media blueprint, plan and system to be everywhere on many different platforms including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google.

3 PM ET “How to Kickstart 2022 with Virtual Events, Challenges & Bootcamps” with Sam Bakker
Sam was the #1 Affiliate and Vendor on JVZoo for several years. And when JVZoo wanted to train more of their audience on how to build a real business online, they tapped Sam because his training is the best. And his methods, using challenges, boot camps and virtual events have helped him build a massive list and a multi-million dollar business.

Now, he's mastered the future training opportunities for every online entrepreneur with an e-learning platform that drives traffic and profits while building a massive, engaged audience.

In this training, you'll discover how you can transform courses in 2022 with a new style of learning experience. Delivering Virtual Events, Challenges and Bootcamps in a new engaging way that makes more money and delivers better student results.

Jan. 26
1 PM ET “Real World List Building: From 350 People to 11k List in 18 Months” with Melody Wigdahl
From a little-known internet marketer in 2020 with a tiny list, Melody has blasted onto the Internet by building a powerful following with a 3043% increase in the size of her list from 350 to more than 11,000 in 18 months!

In this conversation between Melody and David Perdew, she reveals how and why she was able to do that in record time while focusing on a solid list of buyers. And why that goal - creating a list of dedicated buyers and followers - was even more important than the size of the list.

3 PM ET “YouTube Ads For 2022: How Turn $1 Into $4-8 Using Simple YouTube Videos Even If You Have Nothing To Sell” with Justin Sardi
This is a treat. It’s really hard to pin Justin Sardi down for an online training session because he’s so busy living his life, and not working. Justin is the go-to expert on using YouTube ads to build a massive business while leveraging the work of other online advertisers.

He’ll reveal a ton of insider secrets uncovering:
How get $150 in free ad spend
How to guarantee your ad will convert
How to find winning ads and landing pages in any niche
How to ethically hi-jack traffic from any video on YouTube
And much more

Jan. 27
1 PM ET “Micro Products Blueprint: My Formula to Create Small, Fast-to-Produce and Easy-to-Sell Digital Products That Helped Me Build a Six Figure Business” with Chad Eljisr
Chad has quietly built a beautiful business diversified with many different online income streams that stacks one on the other for long-term financial security and success.
Watching him do this over the past few years with small, fast-to-produce and easy-to-sell products has been fascinating. With his formula, anyone can do the same thing and march toward building a six figure business.

Here's just a few of breakthroughs you'll have during this masterclass:
Why do Micro Products work?
How Micro Products became key component of Chad's business model
3 types of Micro Products that you can create straight away with no need of 'proof' or authority.
Real Life Examples of Micro Products
The Micro Funnel Strategy
Building a low-hassle, high-profit and highly-predictable business with Micro Products

3 PM ET “Evergreen Affiliate Marketing: How to Take a One-And-Done Launch and Turn It Into a Long-Term Income Stream" with David Perdew and Jen Perdew-Houlk.
David and Jenn ARE NAMS. For years, people have been pushing them to reveal how they turn affiliate promotions into long-term income streams and build a diversified financial base for their business.

From one-time launch promotions as an affiliate, they continue to receive income from those for years to come. And it’s getting noticed. Marlon Sanders said, “David, you do affiliate marketing like no one else. Your affiliate campaigns are a work of art.”

And they're finally pulling back the curtain on how they do it, and not without a little trepidation about revealing thosesecrets. But during this presentation, they’ll focus on several factors:
Why thinking like an equity partner is key
How to choose a long-term product to promote
Long term alternatives to one-and-done promotions
The importance of leader boards
The curse of leader boards
Why vendor relationships matter
How to say “No” gracefully with feedback
How to manage “reciprocity” expectations
Building a long-term promotion campaign
Automation for the win

NAMS 2022 Marketing Trends Summit

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NAMS 2022 Marketing Trends Summit

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