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Yep, this is me right now....

working woman with full half low battery
Hey, everyone!!

Wow - we had a fantastic Kitchen Sink today! We pretty much always have a good time and usually learn something too - but today was close to a 10, I think!

KS member Craig Johnson gave a great demo of a fantastic video software - I am not going to let the cat out of the bag here - you will have to wait until the replay is posted but it will be worth the wait - if you have been looking for a good, easy to use video and audio editor - this will knock your socks off. Hopefully, I will have that posted late tomorrow.

KS member Cara Boardwine also introduced us to another video software - a possible replacement for Zoom with a very generous free plan and a great introductory offer if you use Cara's affiliate link ;-)

You will both of these on the KS page when the replays are available.

If anyone would like to do a demo or has a suggestion for an upcoming topic - just hit reply, put KS in the subject line and let me know.

I had planned to write about the 'evil freebie seekers' today but truthfully? After a 3 hour KS Zoom...the old lady is tired and going to have a glass of wine - but we WILL have this discussion tomorrow, I promise!

Not everyone that gets a freebie is bad - and they are really NOT getting something for nothing - they are paying for the gift with something more valuable to you than a one-time sale - their email address.

And no, they may not buy today, tomorrow or even next month, but if they are still on your list - there is a reason.

And I promise to dig down into this tomorrow...

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If the Bonus is not on your purchase download page, it means you purchased it through someone else..eek!!

The calendar has also been updated through April so you can always check the calendar for the dates and details of accessing your bonuses.

Catherine's Affinity Bundle

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 8.54.44 PM
Catherine Beebe has been a member of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind since the beginning, and is the first person that I met that used Affinity, a software that gives PhotoShop a run for the money - and frankly, between the tech and the price point, I can see this taking over the market at some point in time because it is THAT good.

And Catherine's put together a bundle that will put you far ahead of the competition with a great bundle of high-quality templates and training for only $29.00

BTW - if you have never taken any of Catherine's courses - she is one of the best I have ever seen, and I buy a LOT of courses. Her style is calm, straightforward, and extremely concise and easy to follow.

Catherine's Affinity Bundle

Michael Cheney's Secret Money System

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 2.42.45 PM
Confession: I use to avoid Michael Cheney like the plague.

Then I bought his last W+ launch, Fast Track to 1 Million, and realized what I had been missing. The man is brilliant, and I have become a huge fan. He knows what he is doing and his conversions are astounding - and he is on every leader board with a major prize. And no, I am not a millionaire yet but I am using a lot of things I learned in that one and they work ;-)

If it is anything like the first one - it would be worth 10X the $9.95 price tag.

Michael Cheney's Secret Money System

SPEND $1.00 AND GET $5 BACK ;-)

By Attending the
NAMS 2022 Marketing Trends Summit

David Perdew has an (almost) All-Star line-up for his upcoming Summit - and in spite of that.- they let me in too! LOL yep, I am on the same roster with some of the pioneers of internet marketing and I am thrilled to be there:

√ Lou Bortone - Video Outreach: Using Personalized Video to Get More Clients
√ Marlon Sanders - The 4 Step System to Build a Simple, but Solid Foundation for Your Business
√ Jeanne Kolenda - Save Time and Increase Engagement With Social Media Content
√ Sam Bakker - How to Kickstart 2022 With Virtual Events, Challenges & Bootcamps
√ Melody Wigdahl - Real World List Building: From 350 People to 11k List in 18 Months (WHOOP!! WHOOP!!)
√ Justin Sardi - Youtube Ads for 2022: How Turn $1 Into $4-8 Using Simple Youtube Videos Even if You Have Nothing to Sell
√ Chad Eljisr - Micro Products Blueprint: My Formula to Create Small, Fast-to-Produce and Easy-to-Sell Digital Products That Helped Me Build a Six-Figure Business
√ David Perdew & Jen Perdew-Houlk - Evergreen Affiliate Marketing: How to Take a One-And-Done Launch and Turn It Into a Long-Term Income Stream
√ Mike Hilton & Brad Hartwig - Bonus Session: “How to Double Your Sales in 30 Minutes”

The conference is $1.00 (yes, ONE DOLLAR) and you get all kinds of goodies
for signing up - I hope you will join us!

NAMS 2022 Marketing Trends Summit

So, sign up for the $1 conference
get a $5 coupon for any product including the new
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dropping next week!!
Buy any upsell and get $10 PER UPSELL -
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NAMS 2022 Marketing Trends Summit

Petra Monaco's Best Year Bundle is live, and although it is a smaller bundle, there
are some very nice products in this one - including a FULL Digital planner from me as well as contributions from other folks you know and love: Jan Small, Becky Beach, Sharon Kinnier and many more. It's a great deal at $27.00!!

Best Year Bundle
And now I hear a glass of wine calling my name ;-)
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