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Expand your ZERO-CONTENT Book Empire with

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All New Design Elements For Pet Owners!

Easily create gorgeous custom designs with Drag & Drop ease!

No graphic software or skills needed - use your favorite word processing software if your want!

All Design Elements are MAC & PC friendly!

You can use Word, Pages, PDF, or Photoshop - whatever you already use!

Full rights to use in as many projects as you want

Sell your end-product on any marketplace

Whether you are a ‘cat person’
or a ‘dog person’…the fact is
that we spend millions of
dollars every year on our
‘Furry Family’ Members!

And our newest Toolkit gives you hundreds of
Design Elements to create everything from
journals to notecards – 
the only limit is your imagination!

Introducing The
“Drag & Drop” Build-Your-Own
Custom Planner Kit:


Volume 2 focuses on the
Evergreen Pet Niche!

Pet Owners spend millions on their pets every year…
but also love pet-related products, too!

Think outside the box!
With the 500+ Design Elements in this Toolkit, you can create:
Journals  •  Planners  •  Calendars
Notepads  •  Note Cards  •  PRINTABLES OF ALL TYPES

This is what you are getting today:

3 Vertical Box Templates - Each in 10 colors

3 Horizontal Box Templates - Each in 10 colors

To Do List Templates

Pre-formatted Check Box Templates

8 Planner Page Templates

6 Pet Specific Planner/Journal Page Templates

10 Small Frames - Each in 10 Colors

5 Large Frames - Each in 10 Colors

10 Doodle-Style Banners - Each in 10 colors

50 Pastel Pattern Backgrounds

5 Paws-Pattern Backgrounds X 10 Colors

30 Watercolor-style Cat Backgrounds

30 Watercolor-style Cat Vignettes

30 Watercolor-style Dog Backgrounds

30 Watercolor-style Dog Vignettes

These samples took just minutes to create!!

(click on images to enlarge)


You get 6 Pet-Specific Pre-formatted Pages –
Perfect for Planners, Journals, Or
Even One Page Checklists!

Delivered in Word, Pages, PDF and PNG format

you get 7 Fully Pre-formatted Planner Pages –
without borders for full design flexibility!

You get 10 Pattern Backgrounds –
EACH in 10 different Pastel colors –

Check out these samples below:


All Of These Design Elements!
Each Available in 10 Different Colors
For Almost Unlimited Design Possibilities!


30 EACH Watercolor-Style
Cat & Dog Backgrounds
A Matching Watercolor-Framed
‘Vignette’ Of Each Full-Sized Image

That’s a total of 60 Backgrounds & 60 Vignettes

(The watercolor vignettes are the small images in the product samples above!)

Check out these samples:



Create Your Own Desktop Mock-Up Scenes!!

We originally created this Toolkit to be the Upsell to this special offer –
but decided to add it as a Bonus instead!

This special Bonus includes:

20 Different Spirals for Planner Mock-Ups
50 Scene Elements
30 Desktop Images
10 “Done For You” Desktop Scenes –
Ready to go, just drop in your Planner!!


SURPRISE BONUS #2 - Just Added December 1!!!!

40 ADDITIONAL Original Backgrounds

This special Bonus includes:

20 Original Cat & Yarn Backgrounds
20 Original Doggie Bone & Pawprint Backgrounds

Check out these sample images:

More than 650 
Design Elements
for only…..





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Private Label Rights

You May:
• Use all design elements to create as many products as you like of any kind!
• Sell the end product/s for any price you like or give away for free!

You May NOT:
• Claim copyright to these images or templates
• Use our name on the product

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I have questions or need advice on implementing this package?
My email address is included – you can reach out anytime!

2. Is this a software? 
No – this is not a software. This is a collection of Design Elements that let you create almost unlimited unique designs to use in your own projects, Journals, Planners, Calendars – you can really use them in virtually any design project.

3. What format is this delivered in?
Depending on the Design Element, they are delivered in Word, Pages, PDF or PNG format, and most can be easily resized or edited with any graphics or word processing software.  Many of the design elements are formatted with a transparent background so they can be utilized with the other design elements in the toolkit. They can be accessed from any system, Windows or Mac, as well as your phone, iPad or tablet. We have found that templates delivered in PowerPoint and Word docs do not always work well for Mac users (and there are a lot of US out there!) so we use formats that are cross-platform compatible wherever possible. The templates really do not need to be edited but can be easily changed with any paid or free pdf editor or graphic software.

4. Are there any upsells?
Nope! It’s all here – we decided to give you the upsell as a bonus!


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