Is your blog a hobby….
Or a business??

Bogging today has become a BIG business with many successful bloggers making tens of thousands of dollars a month from the comfort of their home!

Just take a look at some of these income reports:

And there are thousands of people, just like you and I, that are supplementing their regular income with their blogs that DON’T make their revenue public.

So how do you make the leap from ‘casual’ blogger to ‘blogging for dollars’?  In a word:


Becoming a successful, money-making blogger does not happen by accident! No, it takes a well organized and consistent effort to turn your hobby into a revenue generating beast 😉

And seriously –
isn’t that what you were hoping for when

you started your blog in the first place?


It has been designed for driven, full-time bloggers who are determined to increase blog income and traffic. Our planner contains 30 templates that cover everything you need to be a crazy successful blogger from brainstorming post ideas, to tracking literally EVERY aspect of your blogging business, from Advertising to Giveaways and everything in between!

There is simply no better way to grow your blog than by planning each and every step of your blogging day!

Using The Successful Blogger’s Planner is key to blog organization and blogging success!

Here’s some of the categories that we cover:

Brainstorm & Plan Posts

Plan Emails & Newsletters

Manage Social Media

Goal Planning & Overviews

Schedule Your Blogging Activities

Keep Track Of Your Giveaways

Affiliate Management

Income & Traffic Goals

Track Your Ad Campaigns

Track Affiliate Campaigns

Manage Lead Magnets

Track Keywords

And here are the 30 templates –
just click on the image to get a better peak!:

All templates are delivered in JPG, PNG, PSD and PDF formats, making it very easy to edit or
add your own art or backgrounds to customize the templates.
A special note: Word and Powerpoint templates will often lose their formatting for Mac users.
These templates can be used by PC & Mac users 😉

Bonus Backgrounds!

These beautiful backgrounds can be used to create custom planners for you or your clients!
Very easy to add to the templates. Mix and match or use one background throughout.

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