Tired of the same old swear words? Want to take your cursing up a notch?
Introducing the world’s first culturally-relevant adult swearing/cursing coloring book! You can choose to buy the Kindle version, which includes a link to an immediate download for you to print and color tonight or the hard copy version – your choice!

Around The World In 30 Curses will enhance your vocabulary and cultural awareness with popular curses from around the world! You will learn 10 unique profane phrases in French, Spanish and Italian, while coloring away the stresses of your day. By the time you finish your coloring book- you will have added 30 new international curses to your swearing vocabulary.

Think how elegant and sophisticated you will sound when you tell the jerk at the office to f**k off in French! Whether at home or abroad, your new new-found knowledge is bound to come in handy!

Unwind and relax with this beautiful coloring book… let your steam loose!

What’s Inside:

30 International Swear Words to Color (see list below)
10 each in French, Spanish and Italian
A wide variety of beautiful images to color: Vintage, Mandalas, Abstract, Florals
• Includes Free PDF Bonus for ALL images – order today, and color tonight!

So up your swearing game with these international classics:

Learn the French words for:
• Shit
• Eat shit
• Get the fuck away from me
• Fuck you
• Your mother sucks bears in the forest
• Fuck off
• Do you know how much time your mother needs to take a shit? Nine months!
• Fuck you, bastard
• Piece of shit
• You are full of shit

Or these useful Spanish phrases:
• Kiss my ass, Bastard
• Fuck you
• Jackass / Asshole
• Bastard
• Your mother is an ugly bitch
• Son of a Bitch
• Stick it up your ass
• Shit
• Don’t fuck with me
• Fuckin’ idiot

And, of course, who doesn’t like to throw a little Italian into the convo?
• I don’t give a damn
• You dick
•. Fuck
• Shit
• Go fuck yourself
• What the fuck do you want from my balls?
• Piece of shit
• Son of a whore
• Shit, get out of here jerk
• Piss off

Don’t just be another foulmouthed ‘commoner’ – curse with an international flair and add some style to your life with ‘Around The World In 30 Curses”!

Order today and enhance your life by swearing like a world traveler!

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